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This page contains the English and Japanese text used by the WWWJDIC server. Changes can be proposed by editing the text of the page (you need to subscribe and log in). Please use the discussion page (tab at the top) to discuss issues with the text.

Menu Bar (Done)

This is the blue bar at the top of almost all pages.


Jim Breen's
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WWWJDIC辞書 	単語検索/トップ 単語翻訳 	    漢字検索 部首索引 	    利用案内       辞書案内
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Word Search/Home - 単語検索/トップ Page (Done)


Keyword: [    ]   Dictionary:  [          ]
[ ] Search using romanized Japanese   Hint: a second word (case sensitive) after the keyword will 
limit the search to entries containing the second word.
[Search]  [Reset]
Options: [] Restrict to common words [EDICT only] [] Require exact word-match (English keys) []  Limit 
matching to the start of words (kanji keys only)

WWWJDIC Options and Links
News: New Home Page, Revised headers, extra customization options (See details and other developments)
Mirror Sites:   Australia   Canada   European Union   Japan   Sweden   USA
Special Keitai interface:    Jpn-Eng    Eng-Jpn    Text Translation
Works for the NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone JPhone, AU, Willcom and SoftBank phones.
WWWJDIC buttons to go on your browser's toolbar or taskbar.
Silas Brown's Access Server for users without Japanese fonts.
WWWJDIC plugin for Firefox's search function. (alternative plugin)
WWWJDIC banner images:    large    small
Ben Bullock's new interfaces:    hand-written kanji    multi-radical    four-corner
(Former hand-written interface)


キーワード: [       ]   辞書:  [         ]
[] ローマ字で日本語検索   ※: 二番目のキーワードを指定して検索すると両方が入っている見出し語に限定します。
[Search] [Reset] 
設定: [] よく使われる言葉にする[EDICT限定] [] 完全一致[英語検索]  [] 前方一致検索 [漢字限定]

WWWJDIC オプション・リンクス
更新履歴: 新ホームページ、改正メニュー・バー、追加のカスタム化のオプション (案内[英語])
English Interface
ミラーサイト:   オーストラリア   カナダ   EU   日本   スウェーデン   アメリカ
携帯電話のインターフェース:    和英    英和    テキスト言葉翻訳(和英)
サポートしている携帯電話: DoCoMo, JPHONE, AU, ウィルコム, ソフトバンク
WWWJDIC ボタン - ブラウザーのツールバー
Firefoxブラウザのプラグイン (代替プラグイン )
WWWJDIC リンクバナー:    大    小
Ben・Bullockの新たなインターフェース:    手書きの漢字    マルチ部首    四角号碼

Word Display (after a search) (Almost Done)

This is almost complete. All that is needed is the Japanese for the sentence that is added when an inline example is displayed:

  • (Selected example sentences are shown above. To see all sentences, follow the [Ex] link after the entry.)


Search Key: xxxx Current Dictionary: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


(Selected example sentences are shown above. To see all sentences, follow the [Ex] link after the entry.)
[More] entries to display...
[Search] for [          ] Dictionary: [        ]  [Reset]
Key Type: () Text(J/E) () Romaji   Options: [] Starting Kanji [] Common words [] Exact word-match
[Examine] the kanji in a selected compound (check the compound you wish to examine)
[Suggest] an amendment to the selected entry
[Repeat] this search (choose another Dictionary above)


キーワード: xxxx 現在の辞書: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

[検索] キーワード: [          ] 辞書: [         ] [リセット]  
() テキスト(和/英) () ローマ字   設定: [] 前方一致検索 [] 高頻度の言葉 [] 完全一致
[漢字のチェック] 知りたい熟語をチェックしてください。漢字のデータを表示します。
[提案] 間違いの修正など、提案があったら入力してください。
[もう一度サーチ] 他の辞書を選んで同じ言葉をもう一度サーチします。

Keitai Options - 携帯電話バージョン (Done)

The Keitai options are only available in Japanese;


[            ]
[英和]  [言葉翻訳]


[           ]
[] 完全一致
[和英]  [言葉翻訳]


[              ]
[Begin]  [Reset]
[英和]  [和英]  [言葉翻訳]

Translate Words - 単語翻訳 Page (Done)

My thanks to muchan for suggesting all those translations. See the Discussions page (tab at the top of this page for comments.) Try the working version.


Key or paste Japanese text in the box below.
[                              ]
  Options:  hidden translations: [] select Dictionary: [         ] bytes/line: [] 
no single-character matches: [] break on end-of-line: [] no repeated translations: [] 
force Shift-JIS conversion: [] only list translations: [] skip katakana words: [] 
skip hiragana words: []
Alternatively, enter the URL of a WWW page for a translation of the Japanese words in it:
URL: [                          ]
  Options:  select Dictionary: [] bytes/line: [] no single-character matches: [] timeout (secs)  
retain non-Japanese text: [] break on end-of-line: [] no repeated translations: [] 
only list translations: [] skip katakana words: [] skip hiragana words: [] 


[                              ]
[単語翻訳] [リセット] オプション:  翻訳を表示しない: [] 辞書: [    ] 文字数/行数表示: [] 一文字の一致は表示しない: 
[] 行の終わりまで: [] 翻訳を繰り返さない: [] リストのみ翻訳する: [] カタカナの言葉は無視する: [] 
ひらがなの言葉は無視する: []
URL: [                                ]
[URLを出す] [リセット] オプション: 辞書: [    ] 文字数/行数表示: [] 一文字の一致は表示しない: [] 
行の終わりまで: [] 翻訳を繰り返さない: [] リストのみ翻訳する: [] カタカナの言葉は無視する: [] 
ひらがなの言葉は無視する: [] 非日本語のテキストを保つ: []

Kanji Selection - 漢字検索 Page (Done)


Select one of the kanji Selection Types, enter the appropriate key details, and click on Select Kanji

Selection Type: [  pull-down menu   ]
キーワード: []
(Optional stroke-count (nn) or range (nn-mm)): [   ]

Check if you want to include JIS X 0212 kanji: [] or limit to Jouyou kanji: []

You can see information about the [SKIP code], [De Roo] code, or see a [chart of radicals].) 

The pull-down menu contains:

JIS code (hex)
Shift-JIS code (hex)
Kuten code (rrcc)
Unicode code (hex)
New Nelson index
Classic Nelson index
Halpern's NJECD index
Halpern's KLD index
O'Neill's Essential Kanji index
SKIP code
De Roo code
S&H (Kanji Dictionary) code
Radical (bushu) number
Stroke count
Kanji or reading (kana or romaji)
English meaning
Kanji (cut-and-paste or IM)
Pinyin reading
Korean reading (ME style) 
Four Corner code
KANJIDIC code (with descriptor)
Multi-radical selection method



選択モード: [  pull-down menu   ]
キーワード: []
(画数オプション(nn) または 画数範囲 (nn-mm)): [   ]

JIS X 0212 の漢字も検索する: []  常用漢字のみ検索する: []

[SKIPコード], [De Rooコード] または [部首一覧]も見ることができます。) 

The pull-down menu contains:

JISコード (16進数)
Shift-JISコード (16進数)
Unicode (16進数)
New Nelson インデックス
Classic Nelson インデックス
ヘボン式 NJECD インデックス
ヘボン式 KLD インデックス
SKIP コード
De Roo コード
S&H (漢字辞書) コード
漢字 または 読み (かな または ローマ字)
漢字 (カット&ペースト または 入力メソッドを使って入力)
韓国語の読み (MEスタイル) 
Four Corner コード
KANJIDIC コード (with descriptor)

Kanji Search Results Page (Done)

There are two forms of this page:

  • the full details.
  • a short form when there are several kanji which meet the criteria. Users are asked to select one or more for further examination.

English (光 example)

Search Key: [U5149]  Current Dictionary: [Jpn-Eng General (EDICT)]
Partial match - original key: 5149. (Match[es]: 1)

光 3877 [2487:8cf5] U5149 B42 C10 G2 S6 XJ14945 【灮】XJ1494F 【炗】F527 J2 N1358 V349 H2391 DK1550 L119 K417 O281 DO217 MN1350 MP1.1013 E116 IN138 DS72 DF123 DH129 DT121 DC345 DJ464 DG143 P2-4-2 I3n3.2 Q9021.1 DR1057 ZPP2-3-3 Yguang1 Wgwang コウ ひか.る ひかり T1 あき あきら こお てる ひこ みみつ ray; light SOD SODA

[See] an explanation of the information fields for the selected kanji.
[Search] the current dictionary for compounds of the selected kanji: 
[Position: initial () any (), Common words (EDICT) []
Link to information about this kanji in:
    * Rick Harbaugh's Chinese Character Links for this character
    * Chuck Muller's WWW CJK Dictionary (enter "guest" as the Use Name and leave the Password blank)
    * Rick Harbaugh's Zhongwen Chinese Character Genealogy
    * Timothy Huang's Big5 Database

- the SOD/SODA (Stroke Order Diagram) links at the end of the kanji detail display for some kanji take you to animated displays of the kanji being written.
- itaiji variants may be examined by clicking on the XJnnnnn link.


検索キー: [U5149]  辞書: [Jpn-Eng General (EDICT)]
部分的に該当: 5149. (該当: 1)

光 3877 [2487:8cf5] U5149 B42 C10 G2 S6 XJ14945 【灮】XJ1494F 【炗】F527 J2 N1358 V349 H2391 DK1550 L119 K417 O281 DO217 MN1350 MP1.1013 E116 IN138 DS72 DF123 DH129 DT121 DC345 DJ464 DG143 P2-4-2 I3n3.2 Q9021.1 DR1057 ZPP2-3-3 Yguang1 Wgwang コウ ひか.る ひかり T1 あき あきら こお てる ひこ みみつ ray; light SOD SODA

[漢字の位置: 語頭 () どこでも(), 一般的な言葉のみ(EDICT) []
    * Rick Harbaughの中国語漢字サイト
    * Chuck MullerのWWW CJK Dictionary (ユーザー名には「guest」パスワードは空白でログイン)
    * Rick HarbaughのZhongwen Chinese Character Genealogy (中文字譜)サイト
    * Timothy Huangの Big5データベース

- 漢字についての表示の最後にあるSOD(書き順ダイアグラム)リンクをクリックすると書き順アニメーションが見られます。
- XJnnnnリンクをクリックすると異体字についての表示が見られます。

English (short form)

Click on a kanji to examine it in more detail.
To see the details of more than one kanji, click on the check-boxes then click on [view kanji details]


Here the "[view kanji details]" button has "[漢字の案内]".


Multi-Radical Kanji - 部首索引 Page (Done)


Radical Table for Multi-Radical Selection.
Select the radicals/elements which are in the kanji you seek by clicking on the box below the 
element, then click on [Find].  [リセット]
Options: stroke-count (nn) or range (nn-mm): [  ]  limit to Jouyou kanji: [] include JIS 212 kanji: []   

[ Big table here - not to be translated ]

[Find] the Kanji which contains the selected radicals/elements. [リセット]
Paste a kanji to find its elements: [       ] [Show elements] [リセット]


オプション: 画数 (nn) または 画数の範囲 (nn-mm): [  ]  常用漢字のみ: []   JIS 212の漢字も含める: []   

[ Big table here - not to be translated ]

選択された部首または要素を含み漢字を[サーチ]する。 [リセット]
部首または字形要素を探す漢字をペーストする: [       ] [字形要素を表示] [リセット]

Example File Browsing Page (Done)


[Information] about these examples and some [instructions and advice] about the function.

Enter Japanese or English text to match in the examples file.
TEXT: [                                                 ]  Set limit on number of examples (max 100): [  ]
[Begin selection] [Reset]



フレーズ: [                                                 ]  例文の数を制限する: [最大100]
[選択開始] [取り消し]

New Examples Page (Done)


Enter matched pairs of Japanese and English sentences in the box below. (Please read the [submission guidelines])
[                                                     ]
[                                   ] Your name (optional)
[                                   ] Your email address (optional)
[Send Submission] [Reset]


[                                                     ]
[                                   ] あなたの名前 (オプション)
[                                   ] Eメールアドレス (オプション)
[送信] [取り消し]

Example Sentence Display (Done)


Usage examples for ..... (Information about these examples)[Send Comments/Corrections]  (See message below)

    * 例文。 [T]
        Indexed on: 例文

Examples displayed: 1


Sorry, no sentences contained that text!

Example sentences are from the Tanaka Corpus, with some additions, and may contain errors. Users should read 
[this warning]. If you wish to send in comments or corrections to any of these example sentences, check the box to 
the right of the sentence(s), then click on the "Send Comments/Corrections" button. To pass a Japanese sentence to 
the Translate Words in Text function, click on the [T] link. 


使い方の例  (この例についての詳細)[コメント/訂正を送る] (下のメッセージを読んでください)

    * 例文。 [T]
        インデックス: 例文

表示された例の数: 1